Tuesday, November 06, 2007

what happens when the india america deal is under pressure (very little for livelihood/environmental/sustainability reason and more for political reasons from our not-correctly-left communists).

all the important people come with guns blazing out. let's take our own diplomat first,
"By this deal, we would actually end our paralyic status. We would not benefit a lot in terms of locked relationship with the US. In fact, the Russians and the French to my best knowledge are looking forward to selling us the reactors in far larger numbers than American companies are willing to do," Tharoor said.

Hinting that any delay in implementation of the nuke deal will not help India, he said "it is unlikely that under a Democrat government in the US it is going to be about on the same terms in a year and mid from now. We are missing not quite the bus but certainly the rocket," Tharoor added.

shashi tharoor, the writer, poet and of course dipolomat tells we are missing the 'rocket'. perhaps he is mising how it will be living near a nuclear reaactor like say koodamkulam. perhaps he is missing the fact that there has been no single new nuclear plant in america in past 30 years. perhaps he missing that several american communities oppose nuclear plant tooth and nail.

oh well, going ballistic via rocket mode is important than plain old due diligence.

henry kissinger, the ex american diplomat says "Washington will be disappointed if the Indo-US nuclear deal were to be shelved at this stage. Kissinger also said that if the nuclear deal falls through, then it could affect India's chances of getting a United Nations Security Council seat and it will instill doubt towards India in the minds of US policymakers"

i think it is little bit of arm twisting isn't it?. you dont do what should be done, then it is not good for us. how about california mr.kissinger. can they take a new nuclear plant. or will you tell that america does not do relation with california since they dont allow polluting coal power plants and nuclear power plants? one rule for a green state of america and other rule for a desperately-should-be-green country like india.


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