Thursday, November 08, 2007

as cheap consumerism (not cheap consumers though!!) increases in the west - especially america and european countries - one thing it doees not care is that 'how come it is cheap'

and the cheap is often 'low cost economies'. apart from IT, these 'low cost economies' are often subsidized by poor environmental regulations, poor labor regulation, employing child labor, circumvention of safe work practises and many more things.

i am not trying to ride roughshod amongst businesses. any business that gives gainful employment is a huge plus for any society. but that employment should not come at the cost of environment, labour and children.

this is what precisely is happening in india when it comes to garments. many factories employ children as labourer to cut costs and throw away working conditions and the environment to dustbin.

of course this is 'development' and progress of economies. people, children and environment - oh yeah the devil may care.

in this case especially it is a famous apparal retailer in america - the gap inc - that is the culprit. of course they can tell that it was one of their partners in india who did it. but the reality is that there is no consumer education, green product lines, green clothing, consumer awareness on cheap apparels either by gap inc or by other american retailers.

as long as it is cheap, it is great.

and of course for our great indian minister this is motivated campaign on part of ngo and 'western governments' to 'malign' the 'developing' economy of india. for he travels in cool cars, stays in fancy hotels, does foreign tours and of course for him anything real about india is bad. just like the fake development.


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