Tuesday, November 13, 2007

global warming, needless to say, is a huge threat to india. as bush administration plays a dirty dance on global warming denying its existence, india is a wilful partner in the dance program.

meanwhile no studies worth its name is being conducted to see the effects on global warming on india's cities, agriculture, urban areas, rivers, coastal cities, fishing, etc.

let's take kerala and cochin's case for instance. i quote from hindu,
Kerala has a coastline of about 560 km and a good part of it is made up of low-lying areas. There are about 200 village panchayats, 19 municipalities and 4 corporations located along the coast facing the sea or backwaters. There are nearly 200 village panchayats, 11 municipalities and 4 corporations located along the coast facing the sea or backwaters and bout 30 per cent of the of population live in the coastal zone, which has a high population density. Any shift in the living and settlement patterns in these areas would have far reaching consequences, Dr. Kesavadas said.

with a coastal exposure like this, india and kerala should be in super front stage working aggressively on global warming issue because with raising sea level, kerala is under huge threat.

tell this to any policy maker or politician and they will laugh. for they are comfortably seated in posh government bungalows enjoying perks of being elected and talking with businessman on how to act correctly as middle brokers in order to 'develop' india.

for in there lies the tragedy of development as fakism and fake numbers rule the roost rather than real and sustainable things on the ground.
(cochin and many coastal cities of india face a huge threat due to global warming. the central and several coastal state governments are making zero efforts to get in front of this huge threat. the mantra still is: how can we..er...india 'develop')


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