Tuesday, November 13, 2007

mining is crucial for any nation. mining for bauxite, iron, zinc, aluminum, etc are those metals that shape a nation in terms of infrastructure. it would be foolish to deny the fact that mining is vital for a nation's prosperity.

but it should also be noted in these mines lie our crucial forests, our lifeline rivers, our endemic tribals and tens of millions of marginalized people.

and also it should be noted that mining as an instrument of brutal profitability will mean direct brutalization of all the above crucial pillars of our society.

so our honorable minister for state for mines tells a new policy is coming, one strong point we all expect and should demand is to establish a balance between mining and sustainability.

in our mine rich areas live the most poorest people. so instead of ripping apart those people and acting as brokers for rich indian and foreign multinationals, we would expect the democratically elected government to listen to all sides and form the mining policy.

oh yeah right? this is 'development' of multinationals for god's sake and aptly the minister quotes "The new policy was likely to bring in less stringent norms for parties which opt for mining licences, he said.

“Those who possess a prospective licence will automatically get qualified for the mining licences,” Mr. Reddy said.

the above 2 lines should be read as
a. tribals who live in mine rich areas will be treated as dogs and thrown out.
b. indian and foreign multinationals will 'develop' india's mineral rich forests and tribal land and increase india's gdp
c. the rivers that originate in mineral rich areas will be turned into damp squib with wilful pollution
d. all minerals mined will be the property of the multinationals and the tribals who lived there for decades will be 'employed' as coolies in the mines.

welcome mining. welcome 'development'. india is truly under prosperous path....


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