Tuesday, November 20, 2007

either our finance minister turned prime minister is very absent minded or he has forgotten the number logic totally.

how else can we explain his statement that "In the coming weeks, we plan to take further steps to improve the condition of farmers,” the Prime Minister said, while addressing the All-India Congress Committee session here."

he says he plans to improve the 'condition of the farmers'. what has his government been doing for past nearly 4 years as suicide rates amongst farmers zoomed into tens of thousands.

he says 'in coming weeks'. how can he try to address this huge neglected issue when his government and his not-correctly-left communists have been completely dozing off.

and he has surely forgotten about number when he says " after a long gap the country has achieved an average agriculture growth rate of four per cent in the last three years, and added that it would be the government’s endeavour to maintain this in the future."

hello...why is the prime minster talking about agricultural 'growth' in numbers when we all know the agricultural scenario under present government is stinking. and stats seems to tell that there is one farmer suicide every 30 minutes including the period under the present government.

and the prime minister turns a joker when he says sarcastically at previous regime's famous 'india shining' quote in this way: “All this was branded as ‘India Shining’. Shining for whom, shining for which region, shining for which class of people?”

well, we would like to ask, what is this government doing. isn't it telling that india is a developing nation firing on all right cylinders. isn't his pet finance minister telling that india is rising and doing good. isn't his party tell that india is zooming ahead. has his government ever acknowledged the mayhem that has been unleashed in name of SEZ's, polluting factories, flawed mining policies, screwed up economic policies that place value of money much higher than people and ecosystems?

somebody told, "you can lie sometimes but not all the times". but when it comes to giving fake figures and fake 'development' stories, i guess we can "lie all the times"
(an indian farmer. like his parched land, his future is also parched in the 'developing' india)


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