Wednesday, November 21, 2007

let's see how our communist friends who run a people friendly pro people equality based government(s) fare in india.

the communists who have barely talked when sethu disaster unfolded, who barely budged when the narmada dam fiasco was unleashed by the communal gujarat government, who were and are in deep slumber when tens of thousands of farmers committed suicide all across india, are pretty busy causing mayhem in their own backyard in nandigram.

ousted by local people who protested a planned mega chemical (and eventually polluting and destroying industries) industrial complex are being brutalised by none other than our friendly communist west bengal government.

what happens when the state wages war against its own people. in medha patkar words, "Whatever happening in Nandigram is the struggle for survival against the war waged by the state. It is war. War is the forcible occupation of land and that is what happened in Nandigram".

as the communist cadres overran nandigram and booted tens of hundreds of people, our friendly neighborhood communist government was busy denying it. again in medha's words, "The proof for this is overwhelming -- arms, criminals and goons were assembled in a planned manner, police camps were removed..."

the word "shame" has no meaning in india when it comes to the talk of 'development' and when it comes to our real super people friendly communists this word does not even exist.


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