Tuesday, November 20, 2007

as our 'farmer friendly' prime minster and his 'super farmer friendly and sustainable friendly' finance minister gloat over the 'growth' and 'sucess' of india's farming under their present government, their very government is bulldozing ahead with their mayhem in name of SEZ.

and this small story from hindu tells clearly how this SEZ mayhem has not spared anything from tuticorin to jammu and anything in between.

mangalore, with its strategic location, coastal access and vibrant culture is no doubt an attractive place for investment. but in the same place live tens of lakhs of people who depend on land for their livelihood.

damn them says the government. we want more SEZ's. we want more ambani's and tata's rather than millions of poor people because we have only one ambani and tata!!

and the sorry state is so bad that SEZ's are not supposed to come up in agricultural areas. in reality, it is the very agricultural land, like the article points out, that is under the sword.

well when we have such an agriculture and farmer friendly PM and FM, what more good things can we expect.


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