Tuesday, November 27, 2007

this blog has been following the mettur pollution by multi mega crore companies. recently the ngo's released their damning third report on the pollution and the chemplast company, as usual, came out with their own set of points in a press conference.

the company has been facing huge allegations that its wilful pollution during toxic pvc manufacturing has affected farmers in mettur region and is affecting river cauvery. the response from the management team at chemplast has been pathetic, to put it mildly.

we have a huge situation in which poor farmers is being affected and river cauvery the lifeline river of tamilnadu getting slammed. one would expect the highly educated management team to come out in open, be honest and work with the local community to make sure all things are taken care in terms of cleaning up, bring the manufacturing process to more stringent norms, paying farmers whose livelihood has been affected, taking care of medical needs of the people impacted by pollution, etc.

instead the company is doing shadow boxing by standing behind the press. when it comes to polluting industries, that care a damn about marginalized people and environment, the least said the better.


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