Monday, November 26, 2007

how low has india come to. how low that a country that boasts of a man with a single cloth who changed the world is stopping too. how low india's humanness has been plunged. how low its educated, well known leaders are 'defending' their situations.

the opposition leader says that the violence in nandigram is the worst he has ever seen. in his words "he had never seen this kind of terror in his long political career.". perhaps he forgot the godhra massacre by his own beloved party men in 2002. perhaps he has forgotten how his party used to whip religious emotions not too long back.

and our not so communist says it is unfair to compare nandigram to godhra. well mr.not-so-communist can we compare nandigram to other disasters in india. how about bhopal issue where your party is still sleeping over. how about vedanta mining issue where thousands of tribals are going to get royally screwed. will that satisfy you and 'elevate' nandigram to a more 'honorable' situation.

how low can india go in its reckless pursuit of growth of the select few?


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