Thursday, November 29, 2007

the endosulfan tragedy in kerala seems to be never ending one. the hindu report on kerala section paints a sorry picture of the tragedy that has been slammed upon innocent villagers who happened to live near cashew plantations that was helicopter sprayed with endosulfan.

endosulfan, the pesticide industry will tell you, is a lovely pesticide which will good crop yield and improve farmers life. what they wont tell you is that this dangerous chemical is virtually banned in US and Europe and only exists in pitful third world countries where the pesticide industry uses its money muscle to push these kinds of dangerous chemicals as wonder drugs to improve yield of the crop.

kerala, with its progressive image, shockingly has allowed endosulfan wounds to pester beyond control and the sorry part is the aid that was supposed to reach the affected people has seldom reached them.

Though the State government had allocated Rs.50 lakh as relief to the affected families and distributed Rs.50,000 each to the families of the 133 victims who died till 2006, people say ā€œit is too little and hardly reaches the victims.ā€

to be hit by a crime that you had no reason to be part of is the worst thing that can happen to anybody and in cases like this sordid endosfulan tragedy that is the precise thing that is happening to marginalized people of india who are getting slammed all in name of development and growth.
(Shruti, a young Indian girl whose village has long been exposed to aerial spraying of endosulfan (c) Mr Shree Padre. brutal face of india's fake development? an innocent girl affected by willful pollution. many such people face huge issues due to the utter carelessness of india's politicians, officers, businessmen and middle class which is hell bent on 'growth of their own'. )


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