Saturday, December 01, 2007

how bad can the not so communist but fake communist comrades go in making fake things on inside and true things on outside.

they can go to any bad level as the taslima case in west bengal points to. as arundathi roy, the booker prize winner and environmental/justice campaigner points out the communist government is plunging to deeper depths in taslima case.

as arundathi points out in the answer, this fake action by the communist government is absolutely unacceptable. instead of protecting a writer who is under assault from fundamentalist forces and communal sections, the communist government is fueling the fire.

shame has no meaning for the communists. as narmada burnt, as bhopal simmers, as numerous fake projects and SEZ's bulldoze, as the environmental disaster called nuclear deal is paraded naked, the communist elite led by mr.sitaram yechury and ms.brinda karat tells baby stories and fake points.

it's high time to call this bluff.

Karan Thapar: Listening to the story she told you about herself, do you believe that the West Bengal government’s behaviour has been unacceptable?

Arundhati Roy: Well, it has been ridiculously unacceptable. What can I say, you know. But here you have a situation where you are really threatening and coercing a person.


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