Thursday, December 13, 2007

so what does our america returned, well settled, middlemen chief minister of orissa tells to the narmada dam activist and grassroots level activist.

"Patkar often tours the state and opposes mega industries here. She should understand that mega industries are essential for the growth of the poor state like Orissa as they would generate huge revenue and employment for poor people here,".

oh yeah right. of course. having mega industries means huge money for middlemen politicians, political brokers, 'poor businessmen' to whom precious lands in which tens of thousands of marginalised people live and crucial rivers flow is being donated free, of course employment as coolies or labourers in polluted factories...

of course our america returned chief minister will be knowing all this. but he does not care. why should he. when you are a son of a legend and the state is bitterly divided on political lines why should people welfare come into mind. only businessmen interests are of paramount importance.

so only he utters these utterly unreproducible lines well knowing the fact that brutal mining and raw materials offshoring to korea will not bring development at all but instead deplete faster in an unsustainable manner the crucial natural resources and also bastardizes the marginalised people.

yeah, who cares. as long as you can tell more and more lies, one day it may become the truth.


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