Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hindu had 2 separate stories on the children's issue that is staring india. as this blog has pointed out the double digit gdp growth is a double whammy on our environment and marginalized communities.

and it's a triple whammy on children who are displaced or ignored in the hostility and the heat of the no-questions-asked/no-answers-given double digit gdp pursuit.

as well known reporter rasheeda bhagat points out in an eloquent manner "On the Human Development Index (measured on achievements in terms of life expectancy, education and income), we rank a poor 128th, qualifying for the tag of ‘medium human development’."

128th that is ladies and gentlemen. a lowly place among the 150 nations of the world. and the picture gets abysmal when it comes to education as she points out "But the number of children in the 14 to 18 age group is estimated at 9.29 crore by March 2007. While only 27 per cent of our children make it to higher secondary education (Classes 11 and 12), those reaching colleges and universities constitute a smaller percentage."

the government both at center and state levels has shred to pieces its vital role as a social organizer and protector and has turned into a gdp escalating, power sharing broker with businessmen. so only we have plummeting health care, abysmal children focus, zero women's development and almost nil environmental and rural focus.

development in india is not only flimsy as we can see but also 100% ignorant of the real needs of india.


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