Wednesday, December 05, 2007

as india gets charmed with the masala bollywood that runs fictional and often hollywood copied stories, one film maker tells the real story of india through its documentaries.

granted there are many documentary film makers but there are very few documentary film makers who can tell the story of people's lives vis-a-vis marginalization and environmental disaster that often go hand in hand.

k.p.sasi is one of them. hindu profiled a writeup on him recently. as the report quotes, his latest movie “Resisting Coastal Invasions”, a 52-minute documentary, that captures both the magnitude of the threat and the heroism of the fishing communities.

amongst the 'development' disasters india is pursuing there are many along india's coast. polluting coal power plants, dangerous nuclear power plants, fake projects such as sethu samudram project, rich and elite tourism take over of the coastal areas, massive encroachments by resorts, disastrous shrimp and prawn farming (aquaculture) and the list is endless.

of course all these add to the rich people's wallet and to gdp. but for coastal fishermen, to hell with them. they have no place in india's 'development'.


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