Wednesday, December 26, 2007

as india withers and dithers on global warming, one thing will come and hit the rural indians direct in their face and stomach.

the hit will be from dying ganga river due to glacier withdrawal at alarming levels in the himalayas. the gangothri glacier is receding and to quote frontline, "The Gangotri glacier is receding. Along the trail, ominous rocks are like tombstones marking its retreat. “Gangotri in 1891... Gangotri in 1961… Gangotri in 1991.” Its shrinking length is recorded on the rocks that once were part of the glacier."

now we have to remember ganges river support hundreds of millions of rural indians (by drinking water, and a huge segment of urban elite (by drinking water and power supplies). and as the article points out, the crucial gangothri is under pressure not only due to global warming but also due to human pollution.

add to this is the zero efforts in improving and protecting rain fed areas of ganges along its course, changing rainfall pattern due to global warming, gleeful pollution from india that wants 'development' and finally indiscriminate efforts to dam ganga - all will make sure that the might river will be reduced to a whimper. a whimper that will benefit no one.


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