Wednesday, January 02, 2008

all over 2007, get in 2008, money, money and more money for development, destruction, brutalization and more for environment and marginalized communities.

as 2007 wraps up and 2008 ushers in, it is happy new year. happiest new year for the urban elite, poor businessmen and politician and yet another year with swords hanging for environment and marginalized communities.

from niyamgiri mining to cuddalore air pollution to nandigram to narmada dam issue to the fake athirapally hydel project to unending river abuse - 2007 had it all.

will 2008 be better. may be or may be not. but the fight against this fake development, brutalising SEZ's, massive projects done even without proper basic EIA's, protests against violence against people who depend on crucial ecosystems - all will continue in 2008.

welcome 2008. we hope at least you will be little friendly for us, the real people.


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