Monday, January 07, 2008

so spake our honorable prime minster. that we need clean energy. that nuclear power is clean. that industry usage of natural resources is inefficient. that india needs clean coal.

well, can we speak now. or shall we point out the facts since facts are much more powerful than 'speech'. or shall we point out the fact that his government role in promoting clean energy, in cajoling and regulating industry for efficient use of natural resources is zero and the fact that india's environment is plummeting to new depths unseen in independent india. that the congress party that the honorable prime minister heads was founded by the smt.indira gandhi a avid naturalist and keen enthusiast of natural resources of india.

india needs leapfrog policies, measures, monitoring, incentives, technology to bypass pollution, bypass negative impact on air, water and ecosystem, to make sure india's teeming millions basic welfare can be taken care and these teeming millions need not be the floor mat for india's poor businessmen who need big SEZ's.

if only the current government had acted a little on environment front with proper policies and a proper healthy ministry (and not the sick and ailing moef), things would indeed have been different.

shall we speak more. not so i guess as it will make our finance minister turned prime minister and his pet finance minister and his more pet planning commission chairman all go speechless.


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