Monday, January 14, 2008

2 pictures from hindubusinessline that captures the indian story that is mis focussed and more skewed towards corporates. the first picture shows the honorable finance minister getting cozy and oogly over the new car in the india auto expo 2008 in new delhi. the next picture shows an eco tourism initiative in kerala.

nothing wrong in finance minister of a 'developed' country like india appreciating the power of indian industry. but the pertinent question is whether he is finance minster for the industry or for the country. whether his policies address development as a wholesome sustainable initiative or just as a money spinning venture.

i have never seen the finance minister or his buddy our honorable prime minister ever visiting an agricultural farm or a eco tourism initiative or a forest under stress or an abused river or a molested coastal area.

we have seen our fm and pm cozying up with big shots of industry, inviting those big shots for policy lobbying and of course in auto expo in delhi.

development is more of cars rather than people.
(finance minister in auto expo 2008 in new delhi. amazed by 'india industrial growth', he seldom pays attention to other sectors leaving them in the dust and worst getting tramped by these amazing leather, textiles, chemicals, sponge iron and other great units that west has kicked out long back)
(an eco tourism boat initiative in kerala. people intensive sectors like agriculture, handicrafts, small ventures, eco tourism, conservation and livelihoods have no place in our finance minister books)


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