Wednesday, January 16, 2008

when it comes to sez, from tuticorin to goa stands united. that sez's are the worst kind of thing to be perpetuated on rural india in decades. not even ruthless dictators can pull of such a naked trick that our democratic government has done.

and the coastal area of vizag in andhra is an easy target for sez's. with a willing state government playing coy, the sez proponents are stripping vizag in name of mines, in name of steel plants and in name of 'coastal development.

one thing to notice is that andhra is not a poor state like bihar for sez's to be setup and 'people alleivated out of their poverty'. several measures can be taken to improve the livelihood of rural people including agriculture, horticulture, diary farming, tourism, etc. when locals are given a stake in sustainable development genuine development can happen.

but with a bulldozer called sez, these rural areas are being occupied by force. even british were little lenient i guess.


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