Wednesday, January 23, 2008

do we want alphonso mangoes (benefitting several thousands families in a pristine coastal area) , the prince among maongoes or do we want to mow down this and have polluting thermal power plants.

as this blog has pointed out on many cases, thermal power plants are being bulldozed onto coastal areas on the backs of fishermen and farmers to facilitate 'development'. of course development of the rich and destruction of the marginalised and rural people.

the same power being planned can be achieved in several ways including t&d loss cut, mandatory conservation, green buildings, mandatory building codes for factories, software companies, renewable energy, etc. but the easy way is to generate more and more power and that too with more and more polluting technologies.

mangoes, they say is tasy. development i say is toxic.
(an indian portal proudly displaying ratnagiri alphonso mangoes. shall we say to the europeans, americans and singaporeans that these mangoes also will contain little -only little- toxic thermal waste via water and air pollution. oh yeah, they should be okay because it after all is 'development')


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