Saturday, January 19, 2008

when it comes to shining and polluting of our environment, our corporates are absolute leaders. whether it is cuddalore or mettur or eloor or patancheru or bhopal it is the huge mega corporates that lead the way. way to go guys!!!!

now it is our old chaliyar leader grasim industries that is in the news for merrying the tungabadhra river in karnataka. and the important part it seems is that this factory (like the many one's in india's toxic hot spots, er development gateways) has and is expanding beyond capacity without any of the proper eia's, permissions, etc.

way to go leaders
lead us to the light
let that light be
merry and shiny

lead us all the way
let that way be toxic
and take us down the road
least traveled and most polluted

for we don't exist
without the gdp
for that gdp
we need more and more toxicity.
(tungabhadra river in karnataka. carrying the fruits of toxic development and contributing to the gdp.)


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