Friday, January 25, 2008

the annual bravery awards for our very brave and heroic soldiers have been given. some of the names and their heroic deeds are unmatchable for they have paid the ultimate price to safeguard india's borders.

i read an interesting article related to the issue in kashmir in rediff that was written way back. jammu and kashmir has cooled down greatly as our neighbor fights their the very monster on which they were riding.

in india side there is a new monster called development that threatens to destory our internal systems and environmental borders. who is going to protect us from that. the politicians have turned into middlemen, our businessmen want land, land and land alone, our courts including a judge from green bench is happy commenting that 'development' and not forests are important - who will protect us from these very pillars that are supposed to protect and guide us.

for you never know
you may be the next
from those who talk only about money
that nothing matters much

it's terrorism yesterday
it's fake development today
for both destroy people
in name of doing good

it's fake ideology on the former
it's fake greed on the latter
it's the common people who suffer
for it ain't matter to the players

we probably need our heroic jawans and officers to be the internal pillars. when democracy fails and acts as though it is succeeding, we need to call time out. time out for fake development and time out for fake pillars.


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