Thursday, January 24, 2008

there we go again. again we visit the pet subject. from cement contractor, to dam builder, to politician, to political middle men, to businessmen and the 'developmentwallahs' all talk of linking of rivers.

now even the governor of a state has joined the fray and the state is the state of tamilnadu which has absolutely no clue on safeguarding its own water bodies.

cauvery is screwed up royally, noyyal is almost dead thanks to textile industry, bhavani is choking with filth, sewage as it passes via kovai, chennai urban rivers and waterbodies are nothing but sewage and dirt, palar is almost a toxic channel due to leather indutries, the list is endless.

and now we want to link all india's rivers so that all these pollution can join and enjoy. if that is not possible, then we want to link all these polluted hell flows so that we can 'use' water effectively.

how about safeguarding and protecting existing waterbodies, how about letting the thristy chennai re-invigorating its own rivers, how about cauvery, noyyal, bhavani, etc be bought back to life so that the places that originated tamil culture can regain the glory that it has long last and also sustainable for its river basin farmers.

how about respecting water and not polluting and destroying it. hey how about sustainable development?


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