Friday, January 25, 2008

these indian farmers are jokers. especially the one's from tamilnadu are real comedians. let's see what they want (or perhaps lots of farmers across india want).

1. water for agriculture and perhaps good maintenance of water table via local water storage
2. good renumerative prices for their crops
3. prevention of pollution from industries on the lifeline rivers that flow across their areas
4. prevention of illegal sand mining that kills the rivers by stabbing in its stomach
5. government policies that are attuned to farmers needs
6. no SEZ type abduction of their lands
7. no forced displacement for industrial projects coming on their fields.

these farmers are real jokers i am telling you. they KNOW NOTHING of development. they KNOW NOTHING of gdp. they KNOW NOTHING of their finance minister who comes from an agricultural belt in tamilnadu and who in turns KNOWS NOTHING of rural development. they KNOW NOTHING about the pollution friendly industries and politician turned moneywallahs.

now they want a green bench to exclusive hear cases of illegal sand mining in tamilnadu because this sand mining (of course which adds to 'development' and 'gdp' by alliance between polticians and businessmen) is destroying them.

oh yeah right. let these farmers go and speak to the dead bodies of lakhs of farmers who have died uncared and unheard.

oh year right. these farmers KNOW NOTHING of the development mania sweeping india.


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