Tuesday, February 05, 2008

whether it is progressive kerala, or revolutionary tamilnadu or cultural karnataka or hot andhra or raja's rajasthan - one thing is common. the rivers and waterbodies in these crucial states are dying, dead and condem-dead.

when it comes to competition for growth from industries that pollute the rivers so joyfully, the dyeing and textile units of luni river basin area in rajasthan can give stiff competition to the tirupur area industries of tamilnadu who are also into dyeing (shall we say 'dying' as in dying of rivers) and textiles.

rajinder singh the water man of india who revolutionsed alwar region with water conservation has taken up the cause of river luni. poor man. he is the main man for india to turn to for river crisis. when our politicians, business leaders, celebrities, software engineers and upper class elite are busy touting development to make money and of course abuse environment.

river luni is salty they say. look closely it has different colors. blue, red, green, etc - all of course 'development effects' from the industries that abuse it.
(river luni in rajastan. a brilliant salty river with amazing views has been condem-dead for a long time. it flows uncared and unwished except for the poor farmers who depend on it for farm irrigation, a subject that has no place in 'developing' india)


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