Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the list of padma vibushan and padma bhusan awardee is amazing. you have got a 2 software pioneers, a mining magnate, couple of illustrous sports persons, a huge conglogromate chairman and singers.

oh yes, there is also the IPCC chairman mr.pachuri.

if you notice the list, the list is full of achievers who have set a goal and has proceeded relentlessly to attain it. names like sachin and anand are example of this. as we have noted in this blog the 2 industrialists featured are also big names who have left no stones unturned and no villages unoccupied to build their empires.

what's missing from this list is the total lack of recognition who are working in rural areas of india or non government leaders who are working on the environmental side or people who have pioneered and rebuilt their villages and who can be a model for a whole set of villages.

what's also missing from this list, is the fact that those who defend our internal ecosystems and those who strive to protect it by protection or research or community development.

with no offense to the participants in this awardees, it would been indeed much nicer if the awardee list is also inclusive. or are these awards only to those high achievers who set an individual path that can be used as an example of success and growth?


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