Sunday, February 10, 2008

what has high profile projects such as posco steel plant in orissa, tipaimukh dam in manipur and the monster dibang hydel dam in arunchal pradesh have in common.

all these projects have, had and will have the highest blessing from prime minister office (pmo) even though there are grave environmental violations, people displacement and environmental impact assessment (eia) abuse.

welcome to india. welcome to development. welcome to prime minister office. in all these 3 places, only mad money talks. everything else is deaf and dumb.

ibnlive's bahar dutt has captured her shock in her story on the dibang dam. when a project can be inagurated without even eia being done, what will be the fate of india's environment and tribals on whom this bulldozer called development is being crashed upon?

(a native tribal of diban valley - above - and dibang valley - below. widely called gateway to heaven in the remote arunachal pradesh, india will surely turn this place to gateway to hell by building the hugely disastarous dams with scant respect to environment and local people)


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