Sunday, February 10, 2008

as politicians of mumbai fight over who has done what for mumbai dragging cine stars, politicians, and common man into a 100% unwanted and 1000% unneeded verbal violence spilling onto the streets, one thing entire maharastra and entire india has forgotten easily.

that is the fact that farmers suicide is rocketing at the speed that even nasa rockets wont rocket. hindu's report shows shocking statistics and maharastra is the 'proud' leader all the way.

sitting in mumbai in comfortable a/c rooms and Z category security, our politicians sure don't have any control of their tongue. but they wield immense control that can put proper policies and programs that can save the farmers of maharastra.

maharastra is also a leader in special elimination zone (sez) creation. double jeopardy is what you can call this. farmer suicide with a cricket busy agriculture minister and regional flame stocking mumbai politician on one side and special elimination zones on the other side.

the old mumbai will hang its head in shame. a great city that said no to nobody and that fed each one of its inhabitants with work and food every day and night - now hangs its head in shame on the fire stocking politicians and the poor state of its own farmer sons on whose fields come the rice, vegetables and fruits and on whose dead bodies nobody cares.


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