Monday, February 11, 2008

baba amte is dead. a man, a legend, a fearless leader - who stood for his principles till the very last has passed away this week.

right from starting his social work with leprosy patients onto his numerous other causes including fighting stupidly planned and fake huge dams - baba amte stood a great man amongst cowards who pushed development in all its filth and dirt.

notable to know that baba amte returned the padma shri and padma vibushan awards to protest against the dastardly attack on innocent tribals on each and every turn of building the abusive sardar sarovar dam project. what use is awards given by the state, when the same state hits, bulldozes and abuses it's own poor and marginalised people?

though the legend has passed away, let his ideas and philosophies grow. for they are needed in much bigger way to even stand up to the fight against the fake development that pervades each and every corner of politicians, businessmen and media's booklet.


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