Tuesday, February 12, 2008

tigers, gharials, elephants, forests, rivers, coastal areas - you name it and it vanishes.

one thing that has sped up in last 5 years (a process which started in early 1990's) is the gurantee abuse of any wildlife area or nature spot in name of development. of course by development here we mean more pollution, more abuse, more displacement, more SEZ's, more mining, more, more....

the latest in the list of amazing species that is on verge of disappearing is gharials, a specices of crocodile which is native to india and south asia. with its plunging numbers aided in major part by illegal sand mining on its river sources, gharial joins the pride of tiger, elephants and other species that are being driven out of india in name of development.

i guess, we have to replace the world development with word vanishing, where ever you read it.


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