Tuesday, February 12, 2008

as urban areas of india fight for water, politicians, businessmen and power brokers see it as a great opportunity.

great opportunity to dam some river 400 kms away, great opportunity to put cement pipeline for 400km, acquiring land for the pipeline and throwing out farmers, then piping the water on to the urban elite homes.

and all of the above adds to the gdp and of course to the development.

chennai hosts the pride of the urban area when it comes to water. blessed by beautiful coast and urban rivers such as adayar, buckhingam canal and with numerous temple tanks and water bodies, chennai is supposed to be the pride of urban area.

only until, chennai trashed its own water sources. adayar river and buckingham canal are nothing but sewage canals, water bodies encroached and destroyed with sewage and wastewater and temple tanks in such bad shape that even gods would run away.

puzhuthivakkam lake in the outskirts of chennai belongs to the uncared, unloved and untapped water source. water bodies like these can give huge boost to local water needs thereby cutting down wasteful dams and unneeded pipelines. but this lake, like numerous other waterbodies of chennai, is abused.

well, when local waterbodies and local rivers do not contribute to gdp and development, then what use is it?
(the abused puzhuthivakkam lake of chennai. vital local sources of water has no place in shining and rising india)


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