Saturday, February 16, 2008

as the year unwinds slowly from january to february, it seems our corporations are busy unwinding their effluents rather aggressively.

and our river cauvery in tamilnadu side is being held in a big bear hug by polluting industries dotting mettur.

"A fish study conducted by Dr. M. Arunachalam, an expert in the ecology of lakes and streams and Dr. M. Muralidharan confirms that the fish diversity downstream of the Kaveri beneath the Chemplast discharge point is characterised by low or no fish population."

when the mighty cauvery that bought civilisation to tamilnadu, that bought the tamil language to tamilnadu, that was a witness to several social and pioneering movements can be royally screwed by easy pollution right at mettur, where cauvery enters tamilnadu, what chance does the poor fish downstream has.

when 'development' can eat up mighty rivers, destroy villages, uproot tens of thousands of people in rural areas and dart them into urban slums, what can poor fish population in cauvery do. other than to consume the poison that is washed in its habitat and die.

die fish die,
for you have no chance
to survive

choke fish choke,
for you are not needed
in our scheme

disappear fish disappear,
for we can import fish
from outta-outisde.


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