Saturday, February 16, 2008

what is the single most 'greatest' achievement of previous central government headed by bjp. of course the gujarat genocide and then the fake 'india shining' slogan.

what is the single most 'super duper' achievement of the present central government headed by present congress party. it is the special elimination zone or scam zone or displacement zone, also widely called as special economic zone (sez).

with a classic example of land acquision for nagpur airport, well known writer praful bidwai puts it simply in one para.

Nagpur records just 2 per cent of India’s aircraft movements and only 65,301 domestic passengers a month. By contrast, Mumbai handles 1.65 million, 27 times more. Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore do 8 to 12 times more. Nagpur has half as much traffic as Guwahati, Goa or Jaipur. It makes no sense to increase its monthly passenger capacity from 65,301 to 1.2 million under Mihan.

the land acquisition for airport (and of course posh hotels, sexy IT parks and nice villas - dude we need 'development' dude) is such a fake, that the government wants to construct an airport to field 1.2 million people from little over 65000 now.

voww...that is indeed 'development' where government plans to construct an airport through brutal land acquisition for nagpur city in such a way that place is supposed to get 10 times air traffic!!!!

dude, what are you talking about. we need 'development'. does not matter even if it is a scam or elimination. development of the few and destruction of many - that is the way we rich can become more rich.


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