Wednesday, February 20, 2008

that was an illuminating article in bbc. although not related to india, it has a strong india angle. the story is the sad story of burma, now myanmar.

chinese, we know, are fully on businesses. genocide or no genocide, brutaliaty or no brutality, mass killings or no killings. it does not matter to chinese government. as long as your country has oil, gas, coal, forests - the game is on for the chinese to feed its hungry industries ever willing to crank out cheap goods to american consumers.

india - the largest democracy, a great nation that has welcomed refugees from burma, from srilanka, even from bangladesh, the land that gave gautama buddha to the world, the land that gave mahatma gandhi to the world - is now the new china.

now india is a happy partner with the brutal inhuman burmese military junta haggling over burmese natural resources.

the very sad part is the following from the report.
"There are a lot of Indians here," I said to one in Hindi. "The Indians are here, the Chinese are over there," he said with a smile.

"Where are the Burmese?" I asked him. "Up there," he said with a dismissive wave.

not only the dismissive wave is for the poor burmese people but also for a once great nation called india that cared about the poor, about the vulnerable and about human rights.

gone are those days. when india can brutally stab innocent villagers in name of sez'z, mining, polluting factories, massive abusive dams, what is the worth of poor burmese.

gandhi would be turning over in his grave, at the sorry plight of the might indian democracy lying flat on the feet of military junta's and dictators following the heartless chinese government steps in order to secure natural resources and project wins for its corporations.


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