Monday, February 18, 2008

jindal group is a powerful, rich and leading industrial group of india. its titan, mr.naveen jindal biography is super impressive. to quote a line, "Committed to the cause of putting a successful India on the global map and instilling a feeling of patriotism in every single individual, his achievements are many."

pretty impressive. to put it simply.

only till i read a leading article in downtoearth on how jindal coal mine in chattisgarh has openly flouted crucial environmental impact assessment.

already there are allegations on jindal group, whose young naveen jindal wants to make india more 'developed', on environmental angle. the downtoearth report is disturbing to say the least.

now lets shift our camera to another jindal group report. jindal steel and power to pay a whopping 150% dividend to its shareholders.

pretty damn impressive. to put it mildy.

when jindal group can put silk carpet to its shareholder, then why can't they take strong measures on the environmental side also. why can't they make sure their power plants does not come in ecologically sensitive area. why can't the eia be honest and true instead of being faked. why can't the progressive young chairman of jindal group stand on his empire and say that 'we want inclusive development of india. we will respect and uphold environmental parameters of the project that we are involved in. by having sustainable devleopment and making tribals, rural people and environmentally dependent people partners in progress, we can instill much more patriotism rather than bulldozing them into submission. for us the stakeholders and shareholders are equally important and crucial for the company sustainable progress and nation's inclusive growth".

will jindal do that. so far the track record says 'no'. for that track is paved with asphalt of fake development.


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