Thursday, February 21, 2008

i was aghast on seeing a mammoth tree being felled just like that. a tree that has taken years to grow, that gives wonderful shade and that is pleasant to the eyes is being murdered in broad day light.

the reason given is that its roots interfere with the strom water drain and hence resulting in water logging.

if that's the reason, a different path for storm water drain can be constructed with minimal effort. why fell such a huge grown tree that gives crucial shade in the horrible madras summer (did i say madras, nah chennai, has summer 12 months of the year).

urban areas of india are virtually becoming unlivable with pollution, dust and car-crazy-crowd. the only saving grace is the few trees left.

we, in india, are inventing new reasons to kill good things.
(a well grown tree being murdered in broad daylight. new ways of reasoning is being given to kill of greenery in urban areas of india. picture courtsey hindu)


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