Friday, February 22, 2008

dam dam,
here we come

we like to dam dam,
even the smallest streams

show me a might river,
i will reduce it to a whimper
show me a beautiful flow,
i will make it a sorrow

does not matter whether
it is sustainable,
does not matter whether
it is feasible,
does not at all matter whether
it is a needed one

for i have got cement
and massive trucks,
to rain upon crucial rivers

for i am killer called dam
and kill you i will

among independent india's notable 'achievements' is the gross neglect of the north east. with the rulers in delhi pre-occupied in their own comforts, the north east is perhaps the least cared in all of india. zoom forward to these 'modern' days of development, india has got sudden concerns for the north east. and what better way to reward than nice dams huh?

and what more about dam inauguration even before mandatory eia and public hearing process is done. and what about social and environment impacts on the region whose people have long depended on the natural resources for a living.

a proper way would have been to conduct what is needed most for the region and then do follow up actions on those. but india seems to telling north east, "don't ask what india has done for you, ask what you have done to india'. and not only india is asking this question, infact they are following the latter part of 'ask what you have done' in a brutal manner as experience in arunachal, tripura, manipur and sikkim states in name of massive dam construction.

of course, we have got the standard answer for this massive dam building mania. it is called 'development' and 'progress', '10% gdp growth' and 'fortune 500 construction and cement companies'.


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