Sunday, March 02, 2008

as the flow of the fake sethu canal project ebbs and flows, there has been some strong statements from people who know something about oceans and coastal areas.

unlike our city bred politicians who conceive projects sitting in comfortable a/c rooms, we can easily conclude that maritime officers and former navy commanders know more about oceans. their damning statement of this ridiculous project can be found here.

looks like the politicians who champion this project are keen to remove massive sediment that will get deposited every day rather than moving ships.

as retired naval officer mr.balakrishnan points out "“It is a fraudulent project,” Mr. Balakrishnan said. “As a mariner, it just does not make any nautical sense [to me].”

we totally agree sir. this project is an abusive, fake and an ecologically disastarous project. this project can rival the fake narmada dam in its money value, human scope and abuse.

shall we add, that sethu project is the crown jewel of how fake and abusive development in india has become.


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