Sunday, March 02, 2008

how many of us know coastal regulation zone (crz). how many of us know how this easy to abuse law is being circumvented? how many of us know that how crucial is backwaters, rivers and coastal regions is important for people who depend on these places for livelihood?

well, the answer is. we know as much as crz as we know about zero. nada, nothing, zip and zero.

hindu had a small informative article on 'waterfront properties' and how to be careful about crz. in cochin, i have seen huge apartment buildings right bang a few meters from vembanad lake. i have seen 'river front properties' right close (not even a few meters away perhaps) right on the banks of river periyar in alwaye where periyar is toxically polluted due to the chemical effulents from eloor.

development means folks, that we don't care about important things. we care only about money things and fancy catch words.


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