Tuesday, March 04, 2008

richard brosnan, sir richard brosnan, that is was charmed by god's own country. before i dwell more, we need to ask who else is not charmed by the fascinating place.

from trivandrum to iduki each and every inch is soaked with tradition, culture and beauty. its sweet language and charming people adds icing to the cake.

given a chance, mr.brosnan, sir brosnan that is, would like to explore more on kerala. may we suggest he visit athirapally. may we suggest he visit eloor. may we suggest he visit manimalayar and pamba river. may we suggest he visit silent valley national park. may we suggest he visit iduki farmers and get to know the crisis. may we suggest he visit munnar and nearby regions which are fast turning into urban slums. may we suggest he visit western ghats forests in kerala and see the pressure in terms of rubber plantation, coffee/tea gardens. may we suggest....

well, it ain't matter. when our own politicians, industrialists and journalist treat sustainable development with disdain, it does not matter what we suggest to sir brosnan. for he will always be a businessmen trying to hit potential deals at local level wherever he goes. per se, he is not an outsider who does not care about kerala, but if kerala's own people especially its elite does not care about kerala how will brosnan care about crucial issues facing the amazing place.


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