Saturday, March 08, 2008

as our businessmen, politicians and urban elite tom tom about the great 'development' taking place in india, one thing that everybody do not care or at least do not show to care is human safety.

this is more visible day to day on urban india's road where cars jostle for space among each other and where travelling in public transport is either very tough or very unsexy.

the oil leak from a transformer of tamilnadu electricity board (tneb) illustrates how careless and how dangerous commuting in chennai roads (commuting especially in 2 wheelers) has become.

it is time to crack down on unsafe transport in the city. it is time to crack down on heavy good movements that care a hoot about security. it is time to crack down on vehicles that carry one passenger and occupying huge road space. it is time to establish no car zone and no heavy truck zones and establish bus only zones and perhaps 2 wheeler only zones and walk only zones.

it is super high time urban transport is fully redefined in india.


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