Saturday, March 08, 2008

so came our young indian politician and heir for the potential congress top post. he came on what is supposedly being alternated between 'discover india' tour and 'youth reachout' tour of india.

interestingly he came and he met the tribals of niyamgiri which is under assault due to proposed mining.

he came, he listened and he should by now known the truth that several thousands triabls are under huge displacement threat because of fake developmental policies pursued by his own government in center and by the corporatist orissa government at orissa.

will he tell the same truth he saw in niyamgiri to india? will he be the rajiv gandhi that rajiv gandhi aspired to be but could not be.

or will be an 'efficient politician' and throw the niyamgiri issue to the backburner and talk about india shining and india rising?


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