Sunday, March 09, 2008

athirapally (athirapilly is another way of calling this perhaps), is getting hot.

financial express calls the local struggle against this monster project as 'green militiancy'
Energy demand growth has been so rapid that the state cannot afford to discount any resource in future,” state power minister AK Balan said. In another signal of desperation, the 163-mw Athirappilly project, a hydel plan stalled for the last 10 years due to green millitancy, too has been pushed to the frontburner. This year, its trusted hydel power reserves (average hydel generation 1,300 mw against peak load demand of 2,800 mw) too did not stand KSEB in good stead. As if this was not enough, the Centre snipped off 133 mw of the board’s entitlement from the central pool. A sore KSEB, thus, had no option but to put its non-hydel act together. Not surprisingly, out of the Rs 1,146-crore capital outlay for 2008-09, the board has set aside Rs 540.52 crore for the generation sector.

well if peaceful protests and satyagraha's and non violent camps are called 'militiancy', then i guess even gandhi was a militiant!!!! a very hard core militant at that since ahimsa was his life and blood.

a memo to the most powerful lady in india was also presented and local people are ranged against this destructive project that we blogged so extensively.

madness - another word is the athirapally hydel dam.


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