Wednesday, March 12, 2008

they called him mahapuru and he reached out breaking the security corridor and proclaimed himself to be the solider who is out to save forests - impressive words from the young man and potential future prime minister of india. and he also told he is against mining. quoting him,

"I am against the proposal of mining bauxite in hills in eastern Orissa by Sterlite Industries, an Indian ancillary of Britain's Vedanta Resources. Although I am not against industralization, but we should not overlook the harmful effects of it."

we are also against -
mining that pollutes indiscriminately,
mining that displaces tens of thousands of people,
mining that fleeces the land owners by paying pittiance,
mining that makes the rich mining companies more richer,
mining that exports the mined or so easily and imports expensive raw materials,
the mining policy that does not care even 1% about tribals, environment, forests and wildlife.
in total against fake development that caters only to tiny section of urban elite rather than a wholesome development of all sections of society.

rahul gandhi has made the correct statement in disapproving the proposed disaster in niyamgiri. will the young blood in him follow up with the concerned ministers and ask them to back off backing this dangerous project that can displace and brutalize tens of thousands of tribals?

he has spoken the correct word. but will he follow up?


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