Thursday, March 13, 2008

i think our honorable prime minister lied. and he seems to have lied blatanlty and that too in parliament. no, i am not accusing our prime minister of corruption or anything like that, but in this case the lie flies in the face of the ground level situation. let me first quote our prime minister who during his reply to opposition remarks on the farm loan waiver bill.

In response to the criticism that the government remains directionless, the Prime Minister said “it is in the direction of inclusive growth, it is in the direction of empowering the poor and marginalised sections. It is in the direction of unleashing the enterprise and creativity that is inherent in every citizen”

whoah....there are several lies here. let us see them.
"inclusive growth"
"empower the poor"
"marginalized sections"
"unleashing enterprise and creativity"

i think it should read as
"exclusive elite growth"
"SEZ the poor and kick them in the stomach"
"mines, dams and more destructive 'developmental' projects for our marginalized sections"
"unleash enterprises on land grab and so creativity while dealing with accusations"

all this government in past 5 years is done is one mis step after another, all in name of increasing the gdp. the narmada's, the athirapally's, the SEZ's, the singurs and nandigram's and kalinganagar's and niyamgiri's, the dangerous many tens of nuclear power plant plans, zero progress on sustainable development, unending displacements in mineral rich states of india, mounting farmers sucides, debts and distress, the huge grant of 50 crores for tiger conservation, the list is endless.

this blog has captured lot of the above paragraph's events. i am not asking our prime minister to read my blog. but at least he can read the true situation of india much more correctly.

or perhaps he can get his facts right and stop lying about fake development that his government has perpetuated at all levels?


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