Tuesday, March 18, 2008

we all know al gore. the ex vice president and almost president and now a global crusader against global warming. al gore was in india and participated in a function of jsw foundation.

you know that major corporations - especially that is not environment sensitive or care a damn about environment rules and laws - have foundations and this jsw foundation belongs to jindal group.

and al gore talked about how america is the biggest polluter and how india can leapfrog amercia. nice words from the man who is pioneering the global warming issue.

but couple of points gore perhaps forgot to notice: that india is one of the worst polluting country on its own natural resources. with most of its rivers dead due to pollution, pesticides ruling the roost on every inch of agriculture, government and industries that abuses the crucial environmental laws, the list end less.

and more importantly al gore participated as reported in hindu, in a function organized by jsw foundation. as far as i know, jsw is ruthless in exploitation in india. an example is their proposed bauxite mining in south indian state of andhra pradesh. a sample at

before big guys like al gore wants to attend function he might want to check the roots of the organizer. for india is surely leapfrogging america in disguising environmental abuse in name of doing good by installing foundations that mask the loot of environment and massive displacement of tribals and rural people.


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