Friday, March 21, 2008

yep, ladies and gentlemen, it is confirmed. india's democracy, pluralism, secularism, religious tolerance, equality for all - has gone for a super 6.

like in 20-20, when balls are smashed all above parameters are smashed. if the previous bjp led government was outright communal and slept over gujarat carnage, this present congress led government sleeps softly with communal forces doing the same things the previous government did. and to make matters worst, the not-so-communist government in west bengal seems to be sleeping in the same bed that the previous government slept.

how else can we explain the plight of taslima nasreen. she has been hounded, abused, hidden and now sent packing in anonymity to europe. the land that gave gautama buddha and mahatma gandhi now hangs its head in shame.

every writer, every journalist, every citizen has to watch over his/her shoulders to make sure that all are happy, the fundamentalist communal parties are joyful and their writing satisfies everybody. genuine freedom and democracy in india means nothing when it comes to communal vote politics and fake development.


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