Monday, March 31, 2008

there was a tough interview as usual from karan thapar last week with medha patkar. karan is a tough interviewer as we all know. in this specific interview he takes the side of development - and from the hollowness of the questions looks like he himself seems to be calling india's development a miracle - and tries to pin down medha.

funny thing is that karan calls dams and chemical hubs hotspots of development. we have to put karan thapar for one night in cuddalore or in eloor or in patancheru or in tirupur or in several other chemical hubs that is screwing up gujarat and many other parts of india. if we do that, i can bet that he wont call india's development in romantic way like most of india's media (which has increasingly gotten corporatist) does.

needless to say medha was firm in her answers and tackled the fake development talk of karan (which karan himself had induced so that he can be devil in his advocacy) was firmly pushed back by medha.

we come ya karan. we need your house in your ancestor village to build a dam and your posh house in the city to develop a dam office. you will be thrown out of your home and a royal compensation of 25000 rupees will be given to you. india needs to 'develop'. don't ya agree?


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