Friday, March 28, 2008

here was the letter i wrote to hindu on their utterly shocking editorial on tibet situation.


dear hindu,
i chanced to read your galling editorial on tibet. the link is

the shock of the editorial was a virtual threat in the following lines.
"The time has come for India to use the leverage that comes with hosting the Dalai Lama and his followers since 1959 to persuade or pressure him to get real about the future of Tibet — and engage in a sincere dialogue with Beijing to find a reasonable, just, and sustainable political solution within the framework of one China."

here is an very cultural and traditional land that has been run over by china and that has been cut out from the rest of the world and in this conflict has been virtually sealed to outside world with no genuine access to the true events happening. now your editorial goes and describes everything in first para as though your reporter was on the scene and had proof that 'riots' was broken loose by militiant tibetians and that was not a democratic uprising and chinese police and military was standing by watching without any firing or human rights abuse on their part.

if the violence in tibet was started by a few monks and by few rioters what prevents china, a mighty country but a moral pygmy, to allow full access to the situation there. only a scared men hide things.

i am not applauding the violence that has taken place. but one should understand if a state commits violence then it is okay and when protests break out it is anarchical. here is a leader of tibetians and their spiritual guru who is in asylum in india and who has never preached any violence or violent ways to attain his goals and yet we your shocking editorial goes one step ahead and virtually delivers a verdict that either he shuts up his mouth or india should use the leverage to shut his mouth. basically tell him to get real - shut up or pack out of india!!!!

if china has nothing to worry in tibet and if it feels confident in tibet, why not open it for outside world for free interaction. why cleanse tibet ethnically, why throw out whoever opens their mouth and utters the words democracy, human rights, etc. if china is so confident that tibet is theirs and they can defend it anywhere then why not invite the non violent dalai lama for talks and see what results can be achieved. why make dalai lama, who many tibetians considers as their guru, an untouchable.

to compare tibet with kashmir will be total stupidity. in kashmir, as the world knows, it is the gun wielding terrorists who are waiting to pump bullets and india's mistreatment of kashmiris has not helped. but the major angle in kashmir is terrorism whereas in tibet the word terrorism has no meaning. and in that situation, to tell that india 'understands' tibet situation because it is faced with same situation in kashmir is a huge surprise.

and to go one step further telling that china's economic growth and tibet economic growth is a major factor and all human, democratic and other needs take a back seat to this economic power (wherein the land, water, river and coastal regions of china are in super high state of decay just like india's are in name of fake development)

here is a massive country that is so insecure that it monitors every packet that comes through its routers, that monitors every email that is sent scanning keywords like democracy, human rights, etc, a country that has its major search engine filter out anything it does not like, a country that treats its own citizens lowly and feeds them only with information that the state deems fit, the list is endless.

economic prosperity is a must. but when that economic prosperity comes at huge cost of human rights, cultural cleansing, cutting of regions that has ethnic population not belonging to mainstream, beefing up military might at each and every turn, treating each one of its citizen a suspect is pure lunacy. and if pleasing such a country on each and its every turn means friendship, we better not extend our genuine friendship.

america has lots its moral right on democracy long back as it kept its mouth tight shut in nigeria, in darfur, in rwanda, for a long time in tibet and its naked irresponsible war and potential genocide in iraq. india has lost its moral authority when it kicks its own people in name of fake dams, disastrous mining projects, fake environmental clearances, allowing ghastly incidents such as gujarat genocide, etc.

now tibetians have no left except for politicians like pelosi to mouth some goodies and go home and turn on the 42" inch television (of course manufactured cheap in china). in coming days even those goodies statements will cease to exist.

india was once a land of buddha, gandhi and proper balanced hindu editorials. i am fast losing the respect of your newspaper on seeing such irresponsible editorial that tout as though it is delivering an solution to the tibet issue without even bothering to analyze the cause of the issue while writing a crucial editorial.


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