Monday, March 31, 2008

sometimes a picture can tell a thousands words. what the heck, a picture can tell how as a nation india is doing crucial things wrong.

one such picture was from hindu which profiled an article on the tamiraparani river pollution. to reproduce a few lines,
"While couple of heavy industries in Tirunelveli district let out their waste into the river without chemically treating it, the human waste from the residences is also allowed to mix up in several places as the river silently continues its journey from the Western Ghats to the Gulf of Mannar."

tamilnadu, needless to say, whose very origin was based on the rivers, whose very culture which orginated from the rivers and whose very language was nourshied by the rivers abuses its rivers in a big way. needless to say, tamilnadu increasingly gasps for good water as it abuses its own rivers.

let's turn back to the picture. as india zooms forward to 10% gdp, poverty kicked out for good talk by our finance minister, 50000 crore goodie for farmers but don't care how farmers came to this brutal state government - one thing remains constant. a huge lack of clean drinking water for majority of the rural population and this lack of water is a direct result of huge pollution of water bodies right from rivers to tanks to ponds to wetlands apart from misusing these vital resources.
(children in tirunelveli district of tamilnadu standing amidst polluted water!!!!. the crucial lifeline tamiraparani rivers runs abused every inch in tamilnadu as tamilnadu's politicians and officials turn a blind eye to all crucial river.)


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